60 years insulation of existing cavity walls

For empty cavity walls in existing residences it’s appriopriate to isolate for a better thermal comfort. Herefore blasted glass wool flocks is used, containing glass fiber which is produced equally as glass wool rolls/plates, but doesn’t contain binding agent.

The wool is water repellent, not static and has a high, permanent insulation value. Installation can be done in any weather condition.

The blasting of the cavity wall with glass wool flocks will significantly improve the temperature and generate a long lasting pleasant feeling. Above all the investement is earned back by your energy invoice on an average of 5 years.

Only region Antwerp

Thermal insulation

Thanks to the charactaristics of the glass wool, even without any risk of humidity, the entire cavity can be optimal stuffed with flocks. What’s more that this process is particular solid by which the termal insulation remains for years to come.

Acoustic performance

Glass wool has very benificial noise absorbing attributes causing a noticeable positive effect when isolating your inner/outer wall.

For example; hallowed inner walls made out of plasterboard, where any sound can easily pass, muffles the noices phenomenaly better after the stuffing with glass wool.

Quality assurance

A cavity wall is delicate building unit. Before the insulation works can be set in motion, the building will be evaluated by a certified inspector on its hygrothermal conduct. Certified contractors will execute the works when the building has been proven fit.


Subsidy and saving

Provided that the cavity wall meet the demands written down in the ‘technical specification STS71-1, you’re able to receive €5 per square meter allowance. This allowance must be applied to your grid operator.

In addition you save on energy costs, the better the building envelope is isolated, the less energy consumed to heat up the building. The average pay-back time is 5 years.
Figure out your pay-back time on www.energiesparen.be

"Over 60 year of expercience in insulation of cavity walls "

From application to implementation

1. Make an appointment
2. Qualified inspector comes by
3. He will drill a few holes, per facade, and look at the cavity (will also fill these holes back)
4. On the basis of that information and the general visible condition of the facades, he will complete an "inspection report
5.He will also know at that time whether it is possible to post-insulate and whether people can qualify for subsidies at Fluvius (link to www.fluvius.be)
6. With the inspection report and the photos we make a customized offer and send it to you by email
7. After agreement, implementation