About Us

Since 1959 Thiers-Horizon is a trend-setting insulation company. Due to centrally located establishments in Flanders and Wallonia, respectively Schoten en Assesse, we’ve an excellent base of opertaions to carry out projects around Belgium.

Thiers-Horizon is already 50 years specialised in installing insulating mortar. Furthermore we also allocate fire-resisting plaster. A strong partnership has been established with Pirobouw for these two product groups.

At the same time, since her existence, Thiers-Horizon has been a specialist in the insulation of cavity walls.

Thiers-Horizon is a family-business initiated in 1959 by Wilfried Vermeiren in cooperation with J. Wirtz. Since 1997 the company was led by twin brothers Jo & Kris Vermeiren. Beginning 2018, 3th generation Vermeiren family, Julie & Frederic reinforced the team.


"Over 5 million square meters isolating mortars installed since 1970"


  • 60 years of experience in insulation techniques, lasting 3 generations
  • Engineer of isolating mortars
  • 50 years of istalling Pirotherm-system


  • Personal expert opinion
  • Technical business case and calculations per project
  • Frequently samples are taken from products in our private labo
  • Constant monitoring, before, during and after the realisation

Quality assurance

  • Certified fitters
  • Expression of results by official laboratory’s
  • (ATG, fire tests, wind stress, durability rapport 30 year, …)