Floor insulation

Three applications

  1. Thermal insulation layer: Isobet and Styrobet
  2. Thermal and acoustic insulation for intermediate floors in flats: Isobet-Plus
  3. Thermal insulation fort he ground floor: Isobet combined with insulation plates for a better thermal insulation

Thermal insulation

Isobet and Styrobet are lightweight isolating mortars, composed out of recycled EPS-granule, vermiculite, concrete as a binding agent and additions to obtain better characteristics.

This floor insulation usually gets implemented as a thermal filling layer for inequalities, differences in level and a justification of piping; for example intermediate floors of flats.

The difference of both products:
Isobet is a product exclusively installed by Thiers-Horizon as certified contractor
Styrobet is a ready made packed product and solled by Pirobouw. Only water is needed for the merging.

Filling inequalities

Isobet and Styrobet is a convenient solution for the filling of inequalities. A frequent problem with floors is the chaos of electricity, water and heating pipes. A surfacing composition floor needs to be placed before you can isolate the floor with a ‘classic’ insulation plate. Isobet and Styrobet combines these two layers, surfacing and insulation in just one layer.

A perfect floor insulation

Cold bridges are excluded with Isobet and Styrobet.
The whole is installed jointless and without interruption. Likewise the finishing touch against walls and around pipes is perfectly practicable. The insulation value is reliant on realizable depth, which is examined per project.

Quality assurance

Isobet and Styrobet are installed for over 50 years.
The ATG-approval garantuees a steady and high quality.

"Already 50 years performer of isolating mortars"

Acoustic insulation

Isobet-Plus is a system for both thermal as acoustic insulation of intermediate floors.
The Isobet-Plus is obtained by placing a specially designed acoustic isolating foil on top of the Isobet-layer.

A perfect sound insulation

The Isobet-Plus system is a perfect conversion to the reality of the principle of suspended flooring screed. Isobet-Plus reduces the impact noises by 27 dB (D Lw = 27 dB EN ISO 717)

Quality assurance

To guarantee that every floor is perfectly executed, the Isobet-Plus system is exclusively istalled by acknowlegded company Thiers-Horizon. With insulation of impact noises it’s after all the details who’ll determine the insulation quality. The ATG-approval guarantees the reduction of the impact noise.

3 x durable

Environmentally aware

By the smaller weight of the isolating mortars, than a sand cement composition floor, the transport is more environmentally friendly.
On top when installing isolating mortars, no gases are released who are inconvenient or dangerous for the persons installing them or the environment.

The recycling of EPS-waste

Over 90% of the volume of Isobet/Styrobet contsists out of recycled EPS granules coming from adapted EPS waste.

This means a reduction of the EPS dump; in many cases EPS waste is considered a trouble waste form who’ll get burned.

Reduction on natural rescoureces

The recycling of EPS waste means a conservation of natural rescources contrary to for example extradutes.