Allocation of a fire resistant plaster

Thiers-Horizon is also installer of fire resistant plasters, Piro-s and Piro-c, which are produced by manufacturer Pirobouw.

Piro-s(teel) and Piro-c(oncrete) are surfacers with an excellent fire resistant performance suited for the protection of both concrete and steel in renovation and estate projects. Both products are easy to use with a traditional spray device.

More important is the depth that should be respected. De fire resistant plaster consists out of a high fiber content of vermiculiet, perliet and aggregate with plaster acting as binding agent. This composition results in a high fire resistant value and guarantees a suberb mechanical strenght.

Contrary to other fire resistant plasters, these products are durable and longwearing whereby they won’t pulverize in the course of time. Both products can be painted over.


Application on concrete: Piro-C

Piro-C: C stands for ‘concrete’. This product is utilized on concrete walls, ceilings, supporting beams and pillars.

Floors and ceilings
REI 120: depth ≥8mm

Pillars and supporting beams
REI 120: depth ≥14mm

brandbeschermende pleisters

Application on steel: Piro-S

Piro-S: S stands for ‘steel’. This product is utilized on various existing and new stressed constructions.

On steel sections (pillars and beams) wrapped with grip-latt.
REI 60: depth ≥20mm
REI 120: depth≥35mm